Ditch your Old skin at the door and change into something with Definition!

*Spiffy Minecraft skin MOD features*

• Easy install via Minecraft Forge

• Support for SD & HD Minecraft Skins

• Offline Minecraft Skin*

  Downlod HERE

*Spiffy site features*

• A selection of user submitted SD & HD Minecraft Skins to chose from

• Minecraft Head Gallery (Forum Avatars to use wherever you like)

• wardrobe page to store skins for future use

• space to upload a private Minecraft skin for personal use

• A Spiffy Forum to discuss our mod or anything minecraft related

other features coming soon.

MC Skin

*Offline Skins are shown if you internet connection goes down or our server is down for any reason, you must have connected to the skin server at least once for skins to be available offline,

only skins uploaded to our site will be available to use offline

It is finally here spiffy skins for 1.7.2
head on over to the downloads thread HERE to grab your copy.
forge is required
tested on 1.7.2 forge
get forge here files.minecraftforge.net
Posted By jsjar
Dec 19
We have just finished moving to a new server which is good news, but the bad news is this server costs me 8 times as much as it did before. I plan to have some donate options available which will get you things such as VIP status, remove ads etc.
Posted By DeakPhreak
Just released an updated version of our skin mod that now supports capes.
head on over to the DOWNLOADS THREAD in the forum to grab your copy
1.6.2 and 1.6.4 versions available.

Dont forget to add some capes to your wardrobe there is a few in the Capes Gallery but if none of them are to your liking feel free to upload some more :P
Posted By jsjar
I have added a beta of the 3D animated preview on the wardrobe page. Right now it has a test cape, but should show your correct skin. The code is quite inefficient right now and I plan to fix it up in the next day or so. You may see it come and go as I am working on it.

If the 3D preview does not show for you, your browser may need to be updated. We are looking into compatibility and will try to put some further info if it does not load. We are also working on allowing you to choose the 3D preview or the old 2D preview.
Posted By DeakPhreak
Congrats to Pojgfesx who is our 1,000th member to sign up on the site! We have given him VIP status for being the lucky person. We encourage you to invite others to the site as well through your Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Blogs, Word of Mouth etc. The more people we have, the more motivation we have to pump out new features.

We will continue to upgrade accounts to VIP as we see fit and plan to have some automatic methods in place shortly.
Posted By DeakPhreak
Clicking on the Gallery link in the menu now takes you to a landing page where you can choose HD / SD skins or Minecraft Avatar Heads. The avatar heads will allow you to get the image URL of a 3D Minecraft head that you can use on your other forum locations.
Posted By DeakPhreak
You can now search skins by resolution and keywords.
Posted By DeakPhreak
If you have any adult skins, feel free to upload them and check the box to specify it as an adult skin. They will now show up in the skins gallery, but they will be uploaded for me to do some back-end testing with. Please let me know if anyone uploads some so I can start working on allowing them.
Posted By DeakPhreak
Nov 07
I have made a new feature so your forum avatars will be the head of your minecraft skin. If you are not wearing a skin on this site or the skin you were using gets deleted, the avatar will default to steve.

Please let me know if you notice any issues
Posted By DeakPhreak
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